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Ethylene is the most widely used base material in the petrochemical industry after ammonia. This hydrocarbon, which has a ratio of two hydrogen atoms to carbon (H / C), is considered to be the lightest olefin. This simple and basic material of the petrochemical industry in 2014 was produced and consumed about 137 million tons.
Although ethylene has a wide and varied value chain, 61% of this key material is converted to various grades of polyethylene. Ethylene oxide with 15% is in the second place and the middle product of ethylene dichloride (EDC) with 10% is in the third place of ethylene consumption. Ethyl benzene, alpha-olefins and other products are in the next positions of ethylene consumption with 6, 3 and 5%, respectively.
It is worth mentioning that in recent years, all ethylene produced in the world has been supplied by steam cracking method. It is also worth noting that different regions of the world, depending on their available resources, use different feeds to produce ethylene. In 2014, naphtha refinery cuts had the largest share of steam cracking units in the world with 46%. Ethane and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are in second and third place with 35% and 14%, respectively.
The Middle East is the third largest producer with 26 million tons of ethylene per year, after Northeast Asia (China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan) and North America. Our beloved country Iran, with a production of 5559 thousand tons of ethylene per year, is in second place among Middle Eastern countries after Saudi Arabia.
The Center for Value Chain Studies believes that during the planning done in previous years (Fourth and Fifth Development Plan) as well as the development of South Pars phases and access to ethane, the situation of the country’s petrochemical industry in terms of ethylene production and of course the products of this The material is in good condition. A point to consider in the ethylene value chain;
Development of complementary industries, including plastics, to convert polyethylene polymers into final products in the country
Gain a stable global market share in polyethylene polymers
is. The Center for Value Chain Studies has put its studies and studies on the agenda to provide an analytical report on the above two issues.

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